Back to work

Its been nice to have a bit of a change over the winter.

The running was great and to get to a 55 minute 10 km (I am no Tom Pidcock or Dumoulin!) was a goal ticked off.

I had never dedicated time to running before and it was nice to do something different.

Covid over Christmas and a sore knee from running in shorts when it was too cold to has left me re-thinking my options and the Rutland/Burghley 10km next weekend is now off my planner.

A regional touch rugby tournament last weekend is now in my rear view mirror so it full focus on the bike.

Well, once the puncture wounds in my foot from stud marks have healed. But that’s rugby for you.

The idea of doing a bit less cycling was to refresh my motivation, try something else and get back to riding because I loved it, not because I felt I had to.

I snook out for a quick hour Saturday and trying to keep a straight line on the deserted windswept country roads suddenly felt like something I was meant to do, as opposed to something I did habitually.

Usually the idea of zone 2 riding in freezing cold temperatures would have me running for the coffee machine.

I think my fitness is a way down on 2021 and especially 2020 at the same point, so its going to be a slow build for me, but one I am relishing.

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