Revisiting the purpose..

This website has been running since 2015 but I wanted to go back to post one on the Tumblr platform as to why I write about what I write about…

My definition of Fendrien…


What does Fendrien feel like?

There is a certain feeling, a sensation, a point in any ride where it gets “Fendrien”.

That can be a climb, a squally shower of rain or a sustained gust of wind in your face.

It can exist outside of the heartlands. It exists in the Peak District, Yorkshire or the channel coast of France. But what sets us apart is that we live with it day in, day out.

For example, this weekend was sunny and clear. From my house the tops of the trees were barely moving, but I have seen enough, been through enough, to know that was deceptive.

Sure enough the first lengthy, exposed, straight piece of farm track my wheels hit presented me with irregular gusts of wind square against my face. I battled them whilst trying to keep a steady cadence and rhythm, paying attention to my heart rate to keep the training session relevant.

But it was tough. At this stage of the season it was tough.

However it was what happened next that took this gusty morning from standard to Fendrien. I turned dead left at 90 degrees and the wind follow suit. It also clouded over. From bright sun to moody and dark. The temperature suddenly began to fall and the wind grew colder.

It’s these challenges that make a simple weekend ride epic. It takes them from difficult to Fendrien, and it is these elements we are here to celebrate and promote.

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