World Cross Review

I’ve taken a bit of time to absorb the weekends Cyclo Cross worlds before posting a blog about it. Ok, I won’t lie its been a busy week…

However, the excitement of the race is still pretty fresh in my memory.

Forget the race for the win, that was pretty one sided from the first corner when Mathieu Van der Poel reached it ahead of the rest and led to the finish.

Behind him there was a real battle for the medals with our own Tom Pidcock fighting it out with Toon Aerts and Wout Van Aert.

It was a race fit for a world championship and run off in the sort of conditions spectators dream about in a ‘cross race.

Our blog at the start of the winter speculated that Van der Poel would need some competition to keep the sport interesting and whilst that didn’t happen here, there is much to admire about the Dutchman, even if it’s not his ability to win a tight race.

Pidcock really was the story here, holding off the others despite a gap than expanded and contracted over the closing laps. Aerts and Van Aert were really close and duked it out shoulder to shoulder for a while before Toon went on to get the bronze medal.

A word for the course which was made really difficult by the freezing rain. Whether that took some spectators and atmosphere away is not clear but it did look like a race on and around a runway, which it was.

Some of the other events were much faster on firmer grass and looked more spectacular rather than attritional as a result.

The right winner for sure, but much for Brits to cheer.

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