PCS game

I am a sucker for a fantasy cycling competition and have been playing the Procycling Stats website one on and off for a few years now.

It is different to those where you pick a team based on budget and then make transfers.

It operates on the Flemish newspaper way of allocating riders a number of stars based on their likelihood of winning.

I have been looking back over the years I have been playing the game to get some statistics and the table below I found an interesting bit of insight.

PCS Top 10 picked riders and points contribution

Its clear that my limited success in the game has been my desire to pick GC riders based on their potential rather than ability to win!

Sprinters seems to be an issue for me as well with Bryan Coquard seeming a really bizarre pick for me, especially when I have picked him to win the same number of times as Alexander Kristoff!

I will be keeping a close on how this tally moves over the season and I expect those riders occupying the top 2 places to shift down the order!!!

Its seems bizarre that I have been so critical of Richie Porte and Alejandro Valverde only to see them picked ahead of a number of my favourite riders… time for me to change tactic perhaps?

If you would like a go yourself, its totally free.

You can sign up and join in here.

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