Wiggins tweet exposes sad traits of human nature

I have no idea whether Bradley Wiggins is innocent or guilty. That I make clear from the outset.

Does it matter whether I want to believe or not? Not really but being British I would like the story not to be bogus. I am sure that is already sufficient for some to mark me down as a wide eyed fanboi. Hey ho.

That’s not what I am tapping on my phone about right now though.

It’s the Twitter experts on cycling who have never experienced the sport or felt what we feel and somehow know 90% of us dope.

What utter nonsense. You people are the same people that hound Mo Farah before getting no nibble and moving on to Wiggins.

Angry people, full of aggression and little else other than opinion they present as fact on the internet.

I don’t value their opinion or take it as fact. Having been involved in this great sport since long before 2012 I know what doping scandals and unrealistic performance looks like thanks.

I’ll make my own mind up and respect the sport that has given so many so much for so long…

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