Enjoying a break…

It’s been pretty hard work riding a bike recently. 

I suppose if there is a good time of year to suffer from a lack of motivation and have mechanical issues, November would be about the right time to have it. 

I am still riding my bike. Battling the cold dark mornings a couple of times a week to trudge to the garage and whirr on the turbo. 

At weekends, I am putting on my layers and turning on the lights to get the single speed out and around the fens. It feels like hard work as the days are only getting shorter and the weather colder. 

I can talk all I like about the Fendrien cycling culture and about how we ride in the cold and the damp. But at the end of every summer there is a period where I wish it was still warm and I wish it wasn’t so hard to get out of the door and on to the bike. 

…soon be the shortest day I suppose….