San Juan sees Evenepoel come of age

I have to say that having been taken with the Vuelta a San Juan last year I was left a bit cold by it in 2020.

I seem to remember Patagonian mountains and scenic routes from the previous edition that was televised, however last week there was a lot of stony countryside and very little to look at.

There were plenty of open spaces and long straight roads to thwart a breakaway, despite many attempts by Rally Cycling rider Robin Carpenter. However most of the drama came from a number of stray dogs getting tangled up with the peloton creating horrid tv images and from Remco Evenepoel showing what the future may look like.

He was a comfortable overall GC winner based on a strong time trial and his ability not to panic and come back to the leading riders on the mountain stage.

That one of his main rivals was doping cheat of the early 2000s Oscar Sevilla speaks volumes.

It was tough viewing at times, but hey road cycling is back so I am happy !

Fendrien Cast 113 review of the year

Its our much anticipated review of the 2018 racing season and rider awards. 

None of the chaps in this picture made the cut… especially bad news for Peter and Greg. 

So here is that rundown…

3. Krists Neilands (ICA)

2. Simon Yayes (MTS)

1. Tom Dumoulin (Sun)

The race of the year was the Vuelta (which is boring  I know!), but have a listen to the pod and hear the reasons why. 

Fendrien Cast 113 review of the year