my brush with you know what…

There is only one word to describe Christmas and that is “ugh”.

As I whirred away pre-work on the turbo on the 23rd December what we thought was a head cold for my Wife ended up being a positive covid test and a sprint to a testing centre bundling the kids in the car. I did have time to change out of my bibshorts.

The positive was confirmed and with that our family were told to stay away over the festive period with portions of uncooked Christmas lunch left on the doorstep for each group of them to collect.

That was merely the start however with me starting to cough and splutter through Christmas Eve before the emergence of all of the symptoms I experience during my first vaccination (and you can read all about that day here). Shaking, shivering and sweating I went to bed Christmas night knowing that I also had covid 19. It was just awaiting the confirmation.

A trip to the test centre made it real it before on the 29th Decemeber my eldest daughter tested positive. Her case has also been confirmed with a second test.

As a family we have been super careful throughout the whole pandemic, home schooling, working from the house and not going out and about.

The loss of this Christmas feels a bitter blow to my Wife, my Daughters and I. Its also a tough one for the parents/grandparents to take.

But today. Day 5 of my journey I am starting to feel slightly more human, albeit still completely dependent on Lemsip blackcurrant.

Taking it back to cycling, this has put a massive dent in my plans for 2022 at the time of year when the best foundations for a good season are put in place. I know that’s now gone and there will be no way of chasing those miles to get them back.

The positive is that I have barely eaten and certainly not drunk anything alcoholic.

Ying and Yang.

I am left wondering if I need to change my diary for the upcoming year which had a first 10km running race along with a couple of lengthy sportives replacing the usual diet of club 10s with a rare open.

We shall see. I need to be back in the land of the living fully first and take it from there.

Stay safe.