Enjoying a break…

It’s been pretty hard work riding a bike recently. 

I suppose if there is a good time of year to suffer from a lack of motivation and have mechanical issues, November would be about the right time to have it. 

I am still riding my bike. Battling the cold dark mornings a couple of times a week to trudge to the garage and whirr on the turbo. 

At weekends, I am putting on my layers and turning on the lights to get the single speed out and around the fens. It feels like hard work as the days are only getting shorter and the weather colder. 

I can talk all I like about the Fendrien cycling culture and about how we ride in the cold and the damp. But at the end of every summer there is a period where I wish it was still warm and I wish it wasn’t so hard to get out of the door and on to the bike. 

…soon be the shortest day I suppose….


Its been a really long and arduous winter period for me with single speeding being the order of the day and lots of rain and wind. 

I am not sure, but I wonder if a bit more frost and stillness would be have been a better option. 

This weekend however saw my latest block of training coming to a close. 

I wanted to test out how this top secret midweek regime had worked and 60km alone yesterday was my method. 

I wanted to take a steady start and ride myself in and tagged along with a lovely lady on a Specialized heading north. We chatted and it was brilliant to ride with someone who was simply out there for the pleasure of it and not looking to hit some numbers. 

We parted and I hit the hills. 

Now I read a lot of stuff by the pros and they quite often talk about sensations when training. I have never been good enough to feel such phenomena. This weekend was the closest and the pain and stiffness from a batch of intervals gave way to the whirring and purring of a single cog and chainring. 

Will I be better come the racing season? Who knows. But that isn’t really the point here. The point is that I have trained hard, followed a process and the perception is that I am riding better. 

Time will tell.