Galibier Surveillance Optics on review

I think its always useful at the start of a review to point out the source of the product on test.

It’s been a while since the last round of product reviews on Fendrien and some of those items were supplied by companies who wanted my opinion.

For the Galibier sunglasses I am scribing about here, there is no discount, no freebies no incentive. I saw these glasses online and fell in love with the design and and frames before buying with my own hard earned cash!

They weren’t the first Galibier product I have owned though. The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen me scaling the Alps this summer in their leather retro look track mitts, an amazing buy.

Sunglasses though are an altogether different thing and something cyclists are very particular about.

I see myself as somewhat of a connoisseur, but mainly having stuck to Oakley over my lifetime in cycling. However there is a bit of chatter online (and its building) that “they aren’t as good as they were”. Now I don’t know about that but I have now used other brands.

For example in 2015 when I rode the Tour of Flanders Sportive I chose BBB products were did the job in a really effective way.

However we are here to talk Galibier and what a find these specs were! I love all things to do with retro cycling and the tortoise shell frames were the first thing that attracted me to the glasses when I saw them on a peruse of their website.

They are stunning although my photo above doesn’t do them any sort of justice at all. You will put these on and look every inch a Fausto Coppi or even a Jan Janssen. They ooze 50’s and 60s chic and once I’d put them on I instantly knew I’d made a good choice.

The lens option in the tortoise shell frames is a gold mirrored lens which works brilliant on those low sun days we are getting at the moment. However even though they are more for use as the light gets brighter, I am using them on every ride.

Whilst the finish on the frames are getting lots of attention, the real work here is in those lenses which offer great clarity and little if no misting.

The price of these glasses is under £45 and I did wonder if that fact they don’t come with a silly price tag might put people off. I hope it doesn’t as you need to get some of these on your face. They are a bargain (based on the pricing of other brands) and I would thoroughly recommend them to you.

A link to the page on Galibier’s website is here.

It is worth mentioning that since I purchased and started riding in these glasses, they have brought out a new frame called “Ardennes” with a number of lens and frame options (ain’t that always the way!!), but I can’t see Mrs Fendrien agreeing to another package arriving with them in!