Looking forward to 2022 spring classics event #1

This Wednesday evening at 1800hrs UK time, I am hosting a race on Rouvy to get you looking forwards to the 2022 spring classics season.

The course is the last 30km of Milan-San Remo.

It starts at the base of the Cipressa climb before dropping back down to the coast and heading alongside the ocean until dipping back inland to climb the iconic Poggio.

A Rouvy subscription and the app is needed.

You can enter the virtual race for free here by clicking here.

Decathlon supporting the Friends of Paris Roubaix

There can’t be too many people who love cycling who don’t love Decathlon.

When we were able to travel in Europe I could never pass one without heading in for some sweatbands, a body board or a fleece.

I rode time trials in 2004 and 2005 on one of their road bikes which showed that they might be a chain store but their kit is good.

Whilst browsing in my lunch break today I became drawn to their “Pave Collection” t-shirt.

Decathlon Pave Collection t-shirt £17.99

Anything with any sort of Flemish lion on it finds its way into my basket without any questions asked. This was no different and the deal was sealed even more emphatically with the news that a portion of the sales value of the t-shirt will be donated to the “Friends of Paris-Roubaix“. This will go towards the fantastic work they do to preserve the sectors of cobbles.

With no race in 2020, this money will be even more eagerly anticipated. So get shopping!

Click here.

When mine arrives, I will review it and let you know what I think.

Milan – San Remo finale in doubt

A landslide has recently hit the Poggio climb leaving over €10m of work needed to get the road repaired.

There are rumours that the organisers of the race might be tapped up by the local council to foot the bill.

Whether the work will be done ahead of the race arriving in March is a moot point.

It might affect Phillippe Gilbert’s chances of completing his 5 monument hand so we will be watching with interest.

Introducing our new race cut 2019 classics jersey.

Featuring the original Fendrien black coloured jersey with the contrast red.

Despite moving across the border into Lincolnshire we have retained the gold and green of the Huntingdonshire flag for this jersey.

The design has a plain front with bold wording to stand out on the back and coloured pockets.

Technical features include tighter fit, bottom of jersey tape to keep it in place and body for stitching.

We love it!

The Classics are coming…

There isn’t much more to add than that. 

Of course bike racing is bike racing and wherever it takes place there is excitement and spectacle, but in the spring time things go up a notch. 

From Milan to Oudenaarde to Valkenberg, Roubaix and Liege, this is time of the year for a rebirth and new beginnings in every sense of the word. 

Pancake day means the classics are coming

I am stuffed full of both sweet and savoury pancakes right now. 

But that means we are getting close to Easter, which means we are getting close to the spring classics. 

In fact Easter this year will be marked by Gent-Wevelgem, arguably the best of the bunch in 2015. So let’s hope for more of the same.

Now pass the maple syrup.