Rapha launches new eyewear

I am up and down when it comes to Rapha I have to say.

I have a 2013 Team Sky jersey my kids bought me for Fathers Day which I love but aside from that their products have left me a bit meh.

However this could be able to change with the launch of their new eyewear range (and regular Fendrien readers will know I like a pair of cycling specs).

All of the current trend bases are covered.

We have a large full framed set (a la 100% speedcraft or Oakley Jawbreakers).

We have a no framed version (Covering the Oakley Ev Zero).

An off bike pair (think Oakley Frogskins or 100% speedcoupe)

And a ‘Sutro’esque pair with a drilled lens and top frame.

They are all utterly stunning and if Rapha want to send me some to review I will happily break the rule about me paying for all products I review !

See the range by clicking here.

The company was supplying AquaBlue when they went bust mid season and haven’t been seen on pro faces since, so it will be interesting to see if they pay to have this range in a teams kit for next season.

Let’s wait and see.

Rapha and Sky to part

There will be some tears.

Rapha and Sky have put together some pretty decent cycling kit over their
years together. It might have been plain and mainly black, but it was often
imitated. Never bettered.

As brands go, Rapha is divisive and marmite. But the quality cannot be

I had a tour of their London base a while back and the innovation, thought
and detail that goes into all pieces is mind boggling.

So who will get the Sky gig from the end of 2016 then?

Nike are the forum posters first choice, so we will wait and see.