Jason Tesson off the mark on the second day of his season

Jason Tesson is off and running with a win on the second day of his 2023 season.

La Tropicale Amissa Bongo is a multi stage race in Africa where a number of French teams kick off their campaigns.

Loyal domestique Geoffrey Soupe won stage one for Total Energies. A lovely pay off for all his hard work.

The second stage went to a sprint finish which Tesson (from the photos) won with ease to get his maiden win on a new team.

Although I think we all agree the Auber-St Michel kit is better than his new Total Energies one!

1 TESSON JasonTotalEnergies142012″2:28:21
2 JEANNIÈRE EmilienTotalEnergies5126″,,
3 SALBY AlexanderBingoal WB374″,,
4 MULUBRHAN HenokEritrea52″,,
5 BYIZA UHIRIWE RenusRwanda4,,
6 BDADOU YoussefMorocco3,,
7 STEHLI FélixEF Education-NIPPO Development Team2,,
8 BERHANE NatnaelBeykoz Belediyesi Spor Kulübü1,,
9 AMARI HamzaAlgeria,,
10 BARTHE CyrilBurgos-BH6″,,
from procyclingstats.com

Tesson is currently second in the overall GC,1 second behind Soupe.

Returning to the virtual race track

2023 marks the third year I have been using the virtual Rouvy platform for online riding and racing.

In 2022 I rode their multi stage spring classics and Vuelta events. These were both individual time trials that you had a certain amount of days to complete the rides and their system would take your stage time and add it into an overall general classification.

Placings equalled prizes with kit and nutrition being given out or discounted for successful riders.

Both were brilliant and I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a 2023 classics event with Flanders, Wevelgem, Liege and the Amstel covered.

(hint, hint)

Saturday after what is becoming an annual festive bout of coronavirus, I peeked out of the curtains before declaring that I would be on the turbo and not out on the road.

As I powered up the laptop and started spinning my legs I saw a 9 minute countdown to a race up Alp D’Huez and immediately signed up. I was going all in…

The route downloaded quickly and for those of you who have been in Bourg D’Oisans for real starts just outside Seb Pizza!

The mix of real world video and CGI avatars makes Rouvy different from the likes of Zwift and RGT and the peloton was soon off and making its way out of town towards the Casino supermarket.

We hopped over the roundabout and past the camp site to the left turn that signals the start of the climb and the intense and steep drag to the first switchback.

I went way too hard here to try and keep up with the leaders and see some clear air off the front. My logic being that if I could lead for a few metres that would be success!

I didn’t make it and when the 8 and 9% gradients bit I found myself slipping back from the front as I tried to get into my groove.

Both times in real life I had ground up the climb in my smallest gear. For this I wanted to try and save that for later on if needed and ride a lower cadence and standing out of the saddle a bit more.

This was working well for about three turns and I was solid in the top 10 until a poorly timed gear shift saw my chain come off and a kink wrap itself into the rear mech.

I jumped off and watched in horror as some avatars zoomed past.

The chain went on before skipping off a second time and needed a bit of work to get it back on and running smoothly (I have now taken the bike off the turbo and given it a proper bit of TLC). It didn’t take the 20+ minutes of time I shipped to the race winner though, however much I might want to claim that.

Once I was back going and the adrenalin had died down I found a rhythm where I was about 70-80% of FTP but always felt I had a little something if needed.

A couple of riders zoomed past me and I passed a couple but I was always in my zone and in control of my ride.

Again with parallels to my real life ride I was able to pace myself into the final 4kms (from the dual carriageway and bus stop) into town and take a couple of places back.

My final position was 15th place which I would have, of course, taken at the start line.

You can see from my notes that I was a bit gutted about the chain but it was a brilliant start to the build up to on the road racing and I hope to report on some more events soon.

Thanks Rouvy for hosting.

Not right for Mathieu but it looks spectacular

Mathieu Van der Poel finished well down in the weekends cyclo-cross race in Val di Sole.

The so-called “snow cross” delivered a course packed with rock hard white stuff.

Van der Poel took a view that there was a bigger picture to his season and visibly eased off, just ensuring he got round in one piece, as opposed to racing at the pointy end.

After his Antwerp crash last weekend that looked a wise strategy. Eli Iserbyt crashing hard mid race and looking in real distress after being wrapped in a spectators coat before being carried away from the course.

There were positives though. Lots of super competitive racing and some amazing optics which shows the course in its full glory.

I think that the organisers will be looking for softer, more powdery snow in 2023 to avoid getting a reputation of having a course that’s a rider breaker.

Here is the on bike course recon ride that shows you just how slippy it was.

ProcyclingStats Favourite 15

Our friends at ProcyclingStats have given users of the site an additional feature to go alongside the mountain of data, quizzes and games on their website.

The favourite 15 gives you an opportunity to pick your favourite riders. Your picks will roll up to provide the top 500 riders of all time.

Full transparency… Here is my list above.

I am really happy with the list and think it reflects my love of the sport and of some of the key characters within it.

Naturally there is a bit of a bias towards British riders, based on my nationality. But there are some proper old school and hipster choices as well.

I am planning to explain the why is upcoming posts.

You can then decide if I was right to add Chiappucci at the expense of Miguel Indurain!!

Review – BZ Optics PHO bi-focal photochromic glasses

With a UK distributor local to myself in the fens, I have seen a fair few pairs of BZ Pho glasses doing the rounds and have been intrigued to try a pair out.

BZ are Australian by birth but with a interesting feature for those of us of a certain vintage or optical ability!

The test pair came in a neat pouch with the bi focal lens in my prescription. That’s right, there is a strip at the bottom of the lens which matches my reading glasses. Ideal for reading a Garmin, or as BZ also promote, reading the cafe stop menu.

It’s not great to have to admit that sometimes my eyesight isn’t perfect so to have bi-focal lenses in a pair of cycling specific frames is a brilliant innovation from BZ.

Throw in the fact that the glasses have photochromic lenses that adapt to the amount of natural light and we are looking at a really interesting product with features that outshine some of the other, bigger, established brands.

Would I say the double lens style fits in with 2022’s trend for massive cycling specs?

No, but that is no bad thing. Alternative doesn’t mean bad and the weight and performance of these glasses should put them on your radar… even without a shiny “O” on the arms.

What is clear is that performance wise the Pho’s do the trick. I have tested them in various states of light and had good success with seeing both my Garmin and the road without issue.

To go full on bi-focal and photochromic you will need just over £100 which isn’t a massive amount of money in the current cycling spectacles market.

BZ also offer loads of retro fit goodies like mirrored lenses and a darker photochromic option with bi-focal strips for high summer dual vision.

You can read more about the range and order by visiting their website here… https://www.bzoptics.co.uk/

Cyclo cross Euros a joy to watch

Regular readers will know that the Namur cyclo cross course is one of my favourites.

Read my previous pieces on it by clicking here.

There is always drama and excitement on those cobbles and forested tracks. So when the 2022 European championships were revealed to be headed there I nodded in silent approval.

Without giving out spoilers the races delivered. Building nicely across the weekend to the Elite mens which was ran off under biblical rain leading to some comical moments. It also led to insane bike handling skills and incredible balance.

All under the watchful eye of a hillside castle and roman amphitheatre. Don’t let the Koppenberg or Koksijde know but I might be dumping them for another love.

I only wish the riders had been in trade team rather than national team kits. Just to see how Jens Adams Chocovit team kit (all white) coped.

(Note : Adams didn’t even ride in the Belgian kit being a late non-starter)

Whilst I think its fair to say that we are all watching the ‘cross awaiting messrs Van Aert, Van der Poel and Pidcock, these opening weeks of the season should not be dismissed.

The racing has been awesome.

Sunglasses remain my thing !

I first wrote a piece in 2020 on this website about how many pairs of cycling sunglasses I had bought in the 21st century to date.

Since then its been 5 pairs out and 4 pairs in the collection, with my Oakley obsession coming back to the fore.

Oakley Radarlock2022 (Gifted)
100% Speedcoupe (Maroon)2021 £20 (Ebay)2022 Ebay
Oakley M2 Prizm2020 £56 (Oakley sale)
Oakley Sutro2021 (Gifted)
Bloc Titan (4 lens system)2020 (£45 using 20% code)2021 Facebay
Bolle Vortex white 2019 (£10 Ebay)2021 Facebay
Bolle Vortex Red2019 (£10 Ebay2021 Facebay
Galibier Surveillance (Tortoiseshell)2019 (£35 full price)2022 Ebay
100% Speedcoupe (White)2019 (£40 using 60% off)2019 Facebay
Oakley Jawbreaker2017 (£100 deal Wiggle)
Oakley Radarlock XL 2015 (£45 Ebay)2019 Facebay
Nike Roadmachine2016 (£30) 2018 Facebay
Oakley Fastjacket L 2015 (£35 Ebay)2019 Facebay
BBB Select 2014 (£35 Wiggle) 2017 Ebay
BBB Adapt 2014 (£45 from Bristows Cycles)2017 Ebay
Oakley Jawbone2010 (free after Oakley website error)2012 Facebay
Oakley Radar 2008 (£120 Wiggle)2012 Facebay
Tifosi Q32004 (provided for product review)2008 Ebay

Its been some journey with a large number of brands and models (some twice!) playing the part of making me look more pro! (or as pro as I can look!).

when you think I have had 4 bikes that I have raced on in this same time period there is clearly something going on here. A psychologist might say I am hiding some inner guilt behind my eyes.

I reviewed the Galibier model on the site and was loathed to sell them to be honest. I just felt that as time went on they were less and less comfortable for riding in and were a bit of a luxury for off the bike wear.

I hope their new owner loves them as much as I did at the start and is getting lots of use out of them.

The Bolle pair of pairs was reviewed here. The brand remains dear to my heart but again it was a case of too many pairs and that they were better being sold so they get used. The buyer had two Sons riding a bit event so they were perfect for them and I was happy to sell.

8 of the pairs I have bought have been Oakley. Even though I still hear people saying that they aren’t as good as they were, the M2’s as the only new pair purchased have made a real impression.

It’s quite a list but in my defence a lot of them have been bought on a promotion or second hand… so I feel little guilt !

Enjoy this update and you never know, a new pair to review might soon be incoming.

To be continued…

PCS to revamp the ProcyclingGame for 2023

Long time readers of this website will know that I have been playing this trading game online since its inception and have enjoyed it immensely.

There have been issues in 2022, which the games developers have acknowledged. The lack of a stop loss function to enable you to sell a rider on a certain date and time to take the best advantage of market pricing being the main thing that has impacted my success.

I just don’t have time to log in to the website the second a tour stage ends to sell a player manually. The previous version enabled me to signpost in advance that I wanted to take the current price for Stefan Bissegger after a time trial (as an example). If you forget or log on later you can lose thousands of Euro in value.

Some of the other key buttons, like understanding who is currently racing should you have some spare budget, haven’t worked or worked consistently. Its good to see the developers understand this and plan to improve things.

These are minor blips as opposed to fundamental reasons not to create an account and build your roster.

Below is the ProcyclingGame statement about their intentions going forwards.

2023 Game

With the 2022 season problems in mind, we already are looking forward to the 2023 season. We will apply the feedback and analysis results to the 2023 game, which we can already tell will have some major updates. Here are a few bulletpoints regarding the major changes.

The interface will get a major upgrade
– Instead of a year game, the game will continue over the seasons. This will open up possibilities for investing in talented riders.
– Main ranking over money earned in past 12 months
– Prizemoney will be significantly lower so resource allocation will be relevant for a longer period
– No limit on number of riders on your team to increase strategies possibilities.

More details are to come as we will work out the new system. We hope that you will continue playing the game in to 2023!

I am looking forward to getting started with a new roster at the start of next year.

You can join up at https://www.procyclinggame.com/

The future?

What a venue, what weather, what a result (in both mens and womens races)… The UCI gravel worlds were epic.

I spend a lot of the year on a chunky tyre clad cross bike loving life. I also love Strade Bianche, Dwars door het Hagelaand and Paris Tours. So the inception of a UCI sanctioned world gravel championship weekend wasn’t going to draw anything other than praise from me.

The venue around Venice had the scenery and this really helped sell the concept. The course was a brilliant mix of white roads, cycle paths and true gravel farm tracks which kept the riders honest and the fans entertained.

Both races were keenly contested and I wonder if in years to come this will be seen as a stake in the ground moment?

This could be especially true of the UK where the number of cars increases and space on the road gets squeezed.

Let’s see.

Womens result

Mens Result

One hit with little wonder…

It’s a very different me who is sitting down to evaluate my 2022 cycling season. Read my personal 2021 review here.

Work, travel and things opening back up post covid 19 mean that I have attached a number to my jersey and bike only once in the whole year.

That’s still a bigger total than some campaigns when I had tiny children or was moving house. But’s its still less than both of the lockdown seasons where I at least managed to get five or six socially distanced club 10s in (see below in April 2021)

The training has been the same, if not harder and better. But the time to make it just 6 miles down the road to join up with Fenland Clarion on a Wednesday just hasn’t been there.

That might change in 2023. We will just have to see.

The positive news for this year came back in May.

Knowing that my midweek trips to Leeds would last most if not all of the midweek racing season I took the plunge and entered the ‘Rutland Border Epique’ sportive.

This is neither the time, nor the place, to debate the definition of sportive. For me though its a mass participation timed event.

So for some the time matters and, like me on the day, riders will look to get around the course as quickly as possible.

That I did, as you can see from the picture above closing in on the 100km mark.

Rutland is not terrain you can just go hard at from the first metre although I sure as hell tried. The suffering you can see above is the manifestation of that after over three and a quarter hours in the saddle.

I loved it though. It was a proper days riding in proper hills and with great riders round me pushing my level up.

I blew spectacularly on a 20% climb just after this picture was taken and coasted in (but with the 11th fastest time ;0) ) before heading home for a well earned pint of something Belgian.

I have written on my website in the past about how my riding should be best targeted. This is the chart that I keep coming back to..

Ride what you want when you want and somewhere in the middle of the mix you will find your cycling self!

So in short 2022…

Weather – Glorious

Riding – Brilliant and challenging

Competitive events- not enough but the one I did was great

Outlook – More time trials and sportives to come

Can’t wait.