Fenland Clarion Velogames league

Not sure if there is much interest in fantasy cycling games but I just joined the Velogames classics one. Really easy to join but hard to pick a pick within budget.

I am hoping this line up will get me from Strade to Liege without having to make transfers.

I have started a FCCC league so feel free to join in..

https://www.velogames.com/ < to register

League code to join is 140233727

A look back to when I ranted about attacking down hill… it’s relevant at the moment as well.

When the podcast was weekly, back in 2017, I took one of the episodes as an opportunity to rant about rider safety and the merits of how safe it is to attack a bike race downhill.

With recent injury to Remco Evenepoel and rider protests about safety at the Tour of Wallonie this afternoon, its a good time to revisit the audio as a lot of what I said that day is still relevant today.

Click here.

Something to pass the time…

We are all going to have a bit more time (possibly) as a result of the current situation. So let’s use it wisely!

I am going to learn the piano (maybe), but before that I am going to keep up to date with the excellent recycle podcast from Eurosport.


Make sure you give it a listen. Series 2 has longer episodes so there is more to keep you going on the turbo.

Fendrien cast 126

The show is back after its winter break.


It has been quite some time since last recording a podcast.

There has been a couple of formats tried in the past from the monthly commute friendly 10 minute update to the longer format once a fortnight conversational piece.

However its nice to be back and it felt nice to be chatting over the cyclo cross and start to the road season.

It’s also been nice to listen back to the pod and hear some chat about cycling without it being sponsored by Laka !