2020 kit design

2020 kit design

It’s been a bit of time coming but design work is still ongoing for the 2020 race kit design.

The plan is to bleed the wind turbine graphic into the fluro green.

Lot’s of research and sorting through jersey cuts and features has been ongoing and there should be a sample of the actual kit design soon.

Stand by!

2019 Race kit on store page

We haven’t had too much chance to wear it as yet in 2019. But we love the minimalist design and sportier cut of out latest kit. 

The black colourway takes us back to our original roots, but the brightly coloured pockets really aid visibility and make the kit stand out. 

What do you think? We have now made it available to other riders via our store page. 

Introducing our new race cut 2019 classics jersey.

Featuring the original Fendrien black coloured jersey with the contrast red.

Despite moving across the border into Lincolnshire we have retained the gold and green of the Huntingdonshire flag for this jersey.

The design has a plain front with bold wording to stand out on the back and coloured pockets.

Technical features include tighter fit, bottom of jersey tape to keep it in place and body for stitching.

We love it!