Jason Tesson off the mark on the second day of his season

Jason Tesson is off and running with a win on the second day of his 2023 season.

La Tropicale Amissa Bongo is a multi stage race in Africa where a number of French teams kick off their campaigns.

Loyal domestique Geoffrey Soupe won stage one for Total Energies. A lovely pay off for all his hard work.

The second stage went to a sprint finish which Tesson (from the photos) won with ease to get his maiden win on a new team.

Although I think we all agree the Auber-St Michel kit is better than his new Total Energies one!

1 TESSON JasonTotalEnergies142012″2:28:21
2 JEANNIÈRE EmilienTotalEnergies5126″,,
3 SALBY AlexanderBingoal WB374″,,
4 MULUBRHAN HenokEritrea52″,,
5 BYIZA UHIRIWE RenusRwanda4,,
6 BDADOU YoussefMorocco3,,
7 STEHLI FélixEF Education-NIPPO Development Team2,,
8 BERHANE NatnaelBeykoz Belediyesi Spor Kulübü1,,
9 AMARI HamzaAlgeria,,
10 BARTHE CyrilBurgos-BH6″,,
from procyclingstats.com

Tesson is currently second in the overall GC,1 second behind Soupe.

We are fans of Jason Tesson !

I have long been toying with the idea of adopting a pro rider to launch their UK fan club.

I haven’t found the right rider until now.

Jason Tesson is a fast and fearless sprinter with the team who have the best kit in the peloton in St Michel/Auber 93 and you can access his UK fan club by clicking here.

He is a bit spiky and really speedy, enjoying mixing it with the bigger sprinters and having beaten them during 2022 already with a couple of big wins.

He isn’t tall for a sprinter and that means when he gets picked up by one of the bigger world tour teams (as is likely this winter) he could even evolve into a classics rider.

His fortunes and career will be followed on the website going forward, so why not click the link above and give him a follow on Strava or another platform.

I have also requested an interview from his team so let’s see if they ever reply !!!

Allez Jason