Gaudu or not Gaudu? That is the question

It’s time for fantasy cycling to become part of the club 10 car park narratives for the next month as a number of games launch ahead of the Grand Depart.

I am an addict so play the Procyclingstats star allocation game (a la Het Nieuwsblad), I also play their stocks and shares trading game Procycling-game (despite being terrible at it).

For the Tour de France 2022 though I am putting my all into the Velogames competition (sorry official Tissot Le Tour one) and would love you to do the same.

This isn’t an endorsement of the game (officially) and I am getting no benefit from promoting it… just to make that clear.

Fendrien CC – 2022 Tour de France

Now I am sure that each and every one of you reading would have a different view of who to pick and where to spend the 100 EUR budget. Heck reading the news I might still substitute Wout Van Aert if his knee is broken.

But the whole idea is to add fun to the three weeks of the Tour and a bit of depth of interest when watching.

So please do pick a team (its free and if you have a social media account you don’t have to go through any registering process) and join in. I am sure you will have the skills to finish above me !

You can register to play here >>

EDIT – I have tweaked my team again…

2022 Tour team V2

…and Enric isn’t yet assured of starting.

Fenland Clarion Velogames league

Not sure if there is much interest in fantasy cycling games but I just joined the Velogames classics one. Really easy to join but hard to pick a pick within budget.

I am hoping this line up will get me from Strade to Liege without having to make transfers.

I have started a FCCC league so feel free to join in.. < to register

League code to join is 140233727

ProcyclingGame launches new version for lockdown

I love a good fantasy cycling game and I have been playing the Procycling Stats prediction game (based on allocating riders in a star system like Hiet Nieuwsblad) for years.

Recently I picked up on their rider trading game, ProcyclingGame which sees you allocated EUR5m to buy and sell riders based on a share price and cumilative prize money. ,

Whilst the races have dried up, you are still able to trade riders and their prices are moving. I made a decent whack on Damien Gaudin of Total/Direct Energie this week so all is good.

However to make sure there is some level of pace to the game there is a new version called History-ProcyclingGame launching.

It’s starting with the 2014 season so whilst you may know the results of the upcoming races, does the budget allow you to get the right people in for short term profit or the long game?

I hope you join in with this venture as it will be taking the developers a lot of time and effort to get up and running.

It’s all free and if you trade riders currently you can just use the same account log in and team name details.

My team is Deeping Dynamoes if you would like to track my progress.

Procycling Stats game update

Whilst their remains a risk that a lot of upcoming races might be cancelled as a result of Covid 19, I am still busily predicting what I can to take my mind of global viral epidemics.

The last update I gave was about the riders I had picked the most over the life of the game (which is free to play by clicking here). However I have started the season in reasonable form based on my previous efforts.

Current stats

So I am currently picking 1 in three winners and here are my picks for the opening Belgian Classics… wish me luck.

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
Kuurne – Brussels – Kuurne

My logic being that G VA will be in fine form after the training races in Southern Europe and after the windy conditions of Saturday we might have a sprint on Sunday.

We shall see!

PCS game

I am a sucker for a fantasy cycling competition and have been playing the Procycling Stats website one on and off for a few years now.

It is different to those where you pick a team based on budget and then make transfers.

It operates on the Flemish newspaper way of allocating riders a number of stars based on their likelihood of winning.

I have been looking back over the years I have been playing the game to get some statistics and the table below I found an interesting bit of insight.

PCS Top 10 picked riders and points contribution

Its clear that my limited success in the game has been my desire to pick GC riders based on their potential rather than ability to win!

Sprinters seems to be an issue for me as well with Bryan Coquard seeming a really bizarre pick for me, especially when I have picked him to win the same number of times as Alexander Kristoff!

I will be keeping a close on how this tally moves over the season and I expect those riders occupying the top 2 places to shift down the order!!!

Its seems bizarre that I have been so critical of Richie Porte and Alejandro Valverde only to see them picked ahead of a number of my favourite riders… time for me to change tactic perhaps?

If you would like a go yourself, its totally free.

You can sign up and join in here.