Did TV spoil Paris – Roubaix?

Its rhetorical as a question of course. But with the Eurosport “family” taking the whole of PR from gun to flag this year again, was the pattern of the race altered?

Last year was the first time that the whole event was beamed on a single platform across Europe and the first hour was even more chaotic than usual with riders trying to get into that break for more tv coverage. 

This year the peloton didn’t get the chance to let a break go and have a rest before the cobbles as every single attack was neutralised. 

As a result the whole race was completely different and I have to say it didn’t feel that great to me. 

With Eurosport announcing that they will be doing Tour de France stages in their entirety this summer, we shall see if this pattern of trying to hog the screens for longer or preventing other sponsors getting exposure catches on…

Time will tell.