Is Asthma a big challenge for the sport of cycling?

Years ago it was still the case… Asthma medication is the ideal way to push the boundaries of cycling decency. 

I remember in the 1990′s seeing riders puffing on Ventolin before races. 

When I couldn’t win races, I never once thought it was down to me not being good enough. I always thought there was something else. Something others were doing, even at the 4th cat level I was at, that I wasn’t privvy to. 

The truth is slightly less about them and more about me, but it didn’t stop me sitting one evening rolling my Mums inhaler between my fingers and thinking “what if ?”

I didn’t. But I am not judging any fake Asthmatics taking drugs to win bike races either. Not amateurs and not professionals either. And that includes you Bradley. 

The truth is that you never know, you never know. 

The amount of British amateurs failing for really serious, hard to get hold of drugs like EPO is ridiculous. It’s up to them though. I choose not to but I am still not sure if that makes me weaker or stronger than those that do…