2020 kit design

2020 kit design

It’s been a bit of time coming but design work is still ongoing for the 2020 race kit design.

The plan is to bleed the wind turbine graphic into the fluro green.

Lot’s of research and sorting through jersey cuts and features has been ongoing and there should be a sample of the actual kit design soon.

Stand by!

2018 Fendrien Kit

First off we would like to thank our partners for 2017.

Helping to promote local business, charity and cycling company’s has fitted in with how we want to operate.

We want to move direction in 2018 and will be going back to a plain, unsponsored design.

As with the first three Fendrien kits we will be using the regional colours of Huntingdonshire in gold and green. We will also be keeping an element of the grey which has proved a popular addition, reflecting the big open skies of our part of the world.

As a spoiler, we will also be reintroducing black to the new kit design.

More details to follow on the look and feel of the kit, along with how it will look visually.

Keep checking back on Fendrien.eu .