Tough day in Tier 4

Windy, flat and cold… it was a ride of 2 halves!

Having been consigned to the garage and the turbo for most of the festive period I took advantage of being in a single tier Covid area and headed out yesterday.

It’s very unusual to have any sort of northerly wind in this part of the world, even in the winter months. When they do arrive however, they are icy and strong with gusts that go through even the most costly of cycle clothing.

I set out at first light getting out of town before going alongside the A15 on the cycle way. It was like tacking out into the wind (as the chart above shows!) before the long straight through Tongue End to Pode Hole.

At this point I could see a sheet of some sort of precipiation coming across the fields to my left and as I made the most northerly point of my ride, it started to sleet.

I felt confident that once I got through Spalding and headed back down the farm tracks I would be able to outrun it.

Nice early season confidence!

As I cut onto Cradge bank to head for home the cold eased slightly and the back wind was most welcome.

I even got a Strava PB for the first stretch of the track !

The cold returned when I got close to the river bank and it was a real relief to get sight of home and head onto the cycle path back into the Deepings. There were a few big spots of something falling from the clouds for the last mile but I led a charmed life and avoided the biggest showers.

As usual at this time of year, it took almost as long to clean my bike as ride it, but I was happy to get a coffee and get “Wout” all shiny and sparkly.

Not the longest or hardest ride I will ever do, but it was nice to get 2021 off and running out on the roads.