To buy or not to buy?

As a result of looking to sell my carbon aero TT bike (check Facebay for more details if you are looking) there is a chance I might be going out to market to look for a new bike.

As I close in on 50 years of age an aggressive racing machine is nice, but not essential. So I have been looking at a number of potential machines in alloy and around the £1000-£1500 mark.

A diverge E5 or Trek Domane al3 are in the frame.

However… I now have a new plan.

2009 Tour Series local club support race in Peterborough, England.

This wonderful Bianchi via Nirone cost me £550 in 2009 and has been with me to France and Spain before then being dumped on a turbo as more shiny bikes came into my life.

But now I am looking at it as a potential restoration project.

Its a wonderfully comfortable and responsive frame in the only colour I think Bianchi should sell bikes in, celeste.

The crankset is FSA but the rest of the components are Campagnolo, and people don’t say that enough nowadays.

I have no issue with Shimano, nor Sram. But there is something about a bike with Campag that automatically makes it feel like a classic.

So what should I do readers?

Should I sell this bike on in its hour of need, along with the TT bike to fund a new steed?

Or should I take the proceeds from when I sell the carbon fibre machine and invest it in some new wheels, new headset, saddle and other upgrades around the Bianchi frameset?

In my mind I already know what I should do!

Let’s see what happens!