Meat free update

After the challenge of going meat free in January 2019, my family and I had another crack at it in the run up to Christmas.
We took the decision to try and offset some of our carbon (from driving from Lincolnshire the Alps) by going without meat for the month of November.
It was the second month of 2019 that we took on this challenge and it was an equal test of mental resilience as well as creativity in the kitchen.
I am not a scientist and have only watched Game Changers on Netflix as a point of reference, but there could be a correlation between my improvement in cycling last year and the reduction in my consumption of meat.
If you take a 10 mile time trial on a sporting course as a control check, the numbers are stark.
2015-2018 best time – 25m14s
2019 best time – 24m44s
I also beat that previous marker 8 times during the season on either the same or similar courses.
The last time I consistently went that fast was in 1998 when I was free of children and had a lot more time to both train and rest.
The November challenge was tough with a lot of head colds and missed sleep in the family. I have to say that it didn’t mess with my head as much as the previous time but it was clear we were all running out of steam and creativity (for meals) towards the end.
We are planning to continue cutting our reliance on meat. We don’t want to see valuable rain forest consumed to make animal feed, nor valuable arable land used by greenhouse gas producing cattle. So, we are doing our bit and becoming fully flexitarian.
Of the 21 meals per week the average human consumes, we are aiming to have two thirds or more free of meat.
Our main challenge going forward in 2020 will be to move to a dairy free milk and I will update the blog on our progress.
I will also look to tie this all back into cycling performance.
Stay tuned!

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