Season 2016…

Its been a funny one that’s for sure. 

Regular listeners to the podcast will have heard me bemoaning the Fenland weathers and the poor road surfaces that have hampered both raining and training. 

I suppose I should have known I was in for a battle as far back as early March when I first fitted on my power meter and set off for the nearest flat straight road (as it happens not far away in this part of the world) to establish my FTP for the seasons training. 

The individual component parts of the test come together for one super hard effort from which the average power becomes the number of watts you ride to but not above (in essence, it is more complex than that). 

But as I completed the warm up part of the test and went into my first effort I punctured. 

No drama, a tube change and I was off and running again. 

But then I was cold and had to go through the warm up again. 

Then it rained. 

I completed the test and road home with the droplets or precipitation dripping from the end of my nose. I was not happy. 

In fact, the whole process of getting to know my power meter and how to change bikes and re-calibrate etc. was at times draining me more than some of the sessions my coach had prescribed. I was not pleasant to be around. So the family didn’t bother. 

“Power meter” became the buzz word for “Kids and Mummy go nowhere near the garage or he will flip out”. 

Issues with my equipment are (touch wood) fewer and further between now. So I am getting the maximum from my training and development as a rider. 

The spring came with the club and open 10 mile time trial season. After doing the Flanders Cyclo and Tour of Cambs Fondo’s in 2015, the short course was my target. A time within the 24 minute bracket was sought and the numbers seemed to back up that it would be possible. I was putting out the right number of watts. 

Then the racing started… or rather it didn’t. 

A cancelled hard-riders for lack of entries. A club event for surface dressing, and so on and so on. So much so that by the end of August I had missed 7 events through postponement. Conversely all of the events I had put in my schedule to marshall (therefore not ride) ended up being on and therefore took my non competition to over 10 events. The worst I can remember. 

These cancellations were no reflection on anyone for not doing anything. It was a combination of circumstances and sometimes high farce. 

The club midweek ten that was cancelled in May as I arrived at the start having ridden out, was the worst. As I rode him in the blizzard that rolled in I began to wonder if cycling was the sport for me! 

When the races were on I was doing ok. Not fast enough but ok.

The interesting comparison was involving power and in a tt where I rode the 10 miles in 25:06 I had the same average power as someone riding an mid 22 minute race. 

It gave me the insight to know that my position and ability to be more aerodynamic is key to 2017 goals being achieved. 

I will write about the second half of the season next week… It’s a bit less about the weather ! 

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